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AICARE Smart Glucose Meter

Smart Glucose Meter Description

Smart Glucometer Advantage

● Built-in GPRS, automatic data acquisition, transmission and intelligent analysis;

● The steward for the patient's blood sugar at home and the doctor's assistant for chronic disease management;

● Imported test paper, measuring accuracy is subjected to biochemical comparison through a number of 3A hospitals.

Functions and Features

● Imported test paper, micro blood sampling, quick test in 5 seconds.

●The smart glucose meter has High definition large screen, voice broadcast, see and hear clearly.

● Built-in GPRS, real-time upload and storage of blood glucose data, intelligent statistical analysis.

● Support binding WeChat and blood sugar measurement at home, for online viewing by relatives, friends and doctors, convenient care and intervention.

● The system will automatically give a warning when the blood sugar is detected to be too high or too low.

The blood sugar management system will intelligently assist in management and automatically output blood sugar reports.

FAQ About smart blood sugar monitor

Can I use hand sanitizer before checking blood sugar?

Some studies have shown that the use of instant hand sanitizer will not affect the results of blood glucose monitors.

Can blood sugar be checked without piercing my finger?

The traditional blood glucose meter is the most mature blood glucose monitoring method in diabetes. However, in recent years, other techniques have emerged that make the process easier by not using finger prick techniques. These non-invasive monitors are called continuous glucose monitors.

How long can blood glucose meters generally be used?

Many Smart Glucose Meters can be used for more than 10 years and still function normally. Our blood glucose meter can guarantee the quality, please rest assured to use it.

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