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AICARE Sphygmomanometer

Digital Sphygmomanometer - AICARE

When measured by trained professionals, manual instruments will produce very accurate results. However, due to the complicated operation of the manual manometer, many users will not use it, so the digital manometer is now more and more popular with users, especially when the elderly need to check their blood pressure at home, the digital blood pressure meter will be very convenient .

If your body is moving, the accuracy of the digital sphygmomanometer will not be high. In addition, irregular heart rhythms can also make readings inaccurate. Therefore, you need to use a digital sphygmomanometer to check your blood pressure when you are at rest and in a stable mood. This test result is relatively accurate.

Welcome to choose our digital blood pressure meter, whether it is used in the hospital or at home, it will be a good choice!