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Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

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When someone in the family is sick, or when going to the hospital for some basic examinations, the most commonly used thermometer is the thermometer. He can quickly tell us the patient' s questions, so we can decide whether he/she needs urgent medical help.

There are different types and functions of clinical thermometers. Among them, infrared thermometer is one of the most popular thermometers, because it can help us to read the temperature of patients without contact, without the risk of spreading bacteria. We use an infrared thermometer to read the temperature of a person or object from a certain distance and display the number within a few seconds.

Infrared Thermometer Description:

Careful and accurate temperature measurement

Relieved measurement | non-contact safe temperature measurement within 5-10cm

Fast measurement | equipped with ultra-sensitive sensors, it only takes 0.5s to measure the temperature

Accurate measurement | built-in high precision infrared probe, accurate to ±0.2℃

Fever warning

When the body temperature is ≥38℃, the equipment will issue a warning automatically.

Data memory

Record the latest 32 groups of body temperature data, master the body temperature trend accurately.

High-definition large screen

With backlight at night, switchable amongred, orange and green.

Multipurpose detection

It is multi-purpose, and supports the temperature detection of human body and other objects;

Energy and power saving

Low power consumption | power supply of AAA dry cell, a pair of batteries can be used for thousands of temperature measurements;

Automatic shutdown | automatic shutdown without operation for 20 seconds, one-key wake-up;

Various temperature systems

Supports free switching of Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature systems;

Authorized certification

Relieved purchasing and relieved use| the product has obtained the national medical device registration certification, CE certification and other authorized certification

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