Is The Infrared Thermometer Safe?
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Is The Infrared Thermometer Safe?

May. 26, 2021

Is The Infrared Thermometer Safe?

You may have seen warnings on social media about the possible dangers of non-contact infrared thermometers. These devices are placed on people's foreheads to measure body temperature and are currently widely used in schools and nurseries. The good news is that the claims about their dangers are wrong.

What is a non-contact infrared thermometer?

Like other types of thermometers, these devices measure the temperature of a surface. They do this by collecting heat from the person (in this case, usually the person's forehead). The thermometer collects infrared light from the person, not the infrared light projected on the person.

What are the benefits of non-contact infrared thermometers?

Reducing shared touch points is also very important to slow the spread of COVID-19 and other bacteria, which is why touch-free devices like this are useful. They provide us with the information we need while reducing the risk of contact with the virus. These devices are also very fast and can quickly screen a large number of people in a relatively short period of time.

Are there any disadvantages of non-contact infrared thermometers?

No device is perfect. Although you don't need to worry about their safety, there are still some concerns about how accurate these thermometers are. The reading will be affected by clothing, airflow, direct sunlight and cold air. For example, since the temperature is measured from the child's forehead, items such as winter hats or headbands may temporarily affect the measurement results. However, this can be easily corrected by reminding students to take off their hats when entering the school or approaching the building. The child's body temperature can also be remeasured once they are inside and heated up.


Ensuring that the person using the non-contact infrared thermometer knows how to use it correctly will also help accurate readings. If you have any questions about taking your child's temperature and whether they are sick, please consult your pediatrician.

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